Our next talk at the clinic will be Wednesday April 3rd! This time Jay is focusing on Chiropractic for Families.

Wondering what the big deal is about Chiropractic? Why would it be beneficial to you and your family no matter how old or young you feel?

Chiropractic is for all ages, and can be especially beneficial for children and young adults. As we know, they are growing and changing at a rapid rate, and this means they often respond very quickly to adjustments. Chiropractic has been talked about with all sorts of topics ranging from concentration at school to asthma to bed wetting and colic. If you are able to learn even one thing that could help a family member, it would be worth coming to listen.

Come to our clinic with an open mind and learn about what Chiropractic truly is! Whether you’ve been a patient for years, or want to learn something new, this class will make your week (and maybe even your life!) Bring your friends and/or family and make a night of it, or just come along yourself and join a community of amazing people taking control of their health.

Classes run for 20-30minutes with time for question/ answer with Dr. Jay Smyth, so it’s perfect even with your busy schedule.

These talks are also FREE and there is no obligation to make an appointment afterwards. Please call the clinic or message us on Facebook to book your spot, as we limit the classes to 15 people per week.

(03) 5562 1877

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