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SPIINE Education is a new website and Teachable school designed to educate people about health— what it is, is not, and how to get the most out of their body. Dr. Jay has contributed to a lot of this content, and is very excited to share it with everyone. Because of all of Dr. Jay’s hard work, we even have some special discounts for you on some of the courses! 

Check out the homepage here: https://spiine-education.teachable.com/p/home

Enter code ‘SPIINE123′ when purchasing the Take Back Control of Your Health Course and save $132!!!


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Want more information? Here’s a little sneak peak: 

If you could be healthy even one more day of the year, what would that mean to you??

-Less sick leave?
-More time with friends/ family?
-Feeling better within yourself?
The possibilities go on and on…
More and more we find there is a serious lack of learning when it comes to how our body actually works. If we don’t take responsibility for it, we get caught up in the sickness cycle which is harder and harder to leave. These resources are designed to show you exactly how your body actually heals, what you can do personally gain the most from this system, and get you excited about trusting your body again. This information will help you break through the fear that sickness is just around the corner and give you confidence about just how amazing your body is! 

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