Jay has written a book and created a course! You may have already recieved a copy if you’ve been in to see us recently. If not, make sure you get a copy of the e-book online or come in to get a paper copy at the clinic. It is AMAZING! 

The Take Back Control of Your Health course is all centered around understanding what health is and what your body is capable of. All of you know the passion Jay has around this topic, so it’s been amazing to see this come to life.We know many of you are stuck inside without the normal list of things to do, and may feel like you’re surrounded by a lot of negativity in the media. There has never been a better time to learn how you can take control of your own health and mindset! 

Check out both the course and the e-book on Teachable: https://spiine-education.teachable.com/ 

Enjoy and when you’re done we’d love to hear your feedback!  

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