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What Causes my Headaches?!?!?

Free Headache Information Session at Evolution Chiropractic **(Capped at 20 people)**

Anybody who suffers from chronic headaches will tell you that it is a frustrating, debilitating, nagging burden to carry. It is a pain they feel can’t be avoided. No matter the position, you can’t get away from it. They take medications to mask the pain, and doubt their body’s ability to heal without them. This brings on worse sleep, poor mood and low energy – and then more headaches! Most people do the usual routine– neck massage, stretches, panadol or even more potent drugs, try to sleep it off, need days off work until it finally passes– only to find another headache comes along again all too soon.

There must be a missing link.

We are offering another solution at our clinic on Thursday September 26 at 5:30pm. At this talk you will learn what causes many headaches, and steps you can take to feel back to normal. In addition you will get a free scan of your nerve system with a machine designed by a NASA technician. Scans are absolutely pain free and is technology is one of a kind in Victoria.If you or anybody you know would like a possible solution to experience life as they did before constant headaches and frustration give us a call or message direct to our Facebook page. *Please allow around 1 hour for the event

Thursday September 26 at 5:30pm at 220 Lava Street. RSVP required.

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