Over the last full weekend in April, Jay and chiropractors from all over Australia gathered for a Philosophy Symposium. The 2-day seminar included inspiring keynote speakers who left all attendees with a refreshed sense of their purpose and the true impact of chiropractic adjustments. Here are some thoughts from Jay:


“The energy I get from being in a room full of Chiropractors is unexplainable. It enables me to better serve the people in my office every day. Luckily enough the opportunity came up to attend the Chiropractic Philosophy Symposium in Melbourne. The extremely passionate speakers further reminded me of the power of an adjustment in improving the health of those under chiropractic care. Chiropractic has been caring for those families who wish to take control of their health for over 100 years and it is an honour for me to continue this service to the community”


The positive energy and passion flowing into the clinic from this experience is truly amazing! We look forward to sharing this renewed excitement and outlook with you at the clinic soon!


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