Evolution Chiropractic Warrnambool

Continuing with our excitement from a great weekend with pediatric professionals, here are some inspiring points from an article by Stefan Dubowski about Chiropractic Care and Children:

“If you go back to 1910, [founder of chiropractic] D.D. Palmer indicated how important it is to check a child’s spine from birth and throughout life,”

“Children may have symptoms like ear infections, difficulty breathing, colic, attention deficit. We do not treat those things per se. We see those as expressions of the body not interpreting the world properly…”

“The organizing system for us to respond to the world is the nervous system. The questions we ask are: if there is something going on with the nervous system, what is it, and can chiropractic care help?”

Chiropractors who treat children “do not apply heavy pressure… Care, she points out, is nowhere near as forceful as it may be for adults.”

“Chiropractic care for kids is not new. Children benefit from chiropractic care. Techniques for children are safe and nowhere near as forceful as they may be for adults…The truth is, [chiropractors] can and do share the benefits of their profession with patients across the entire age spectrum.” 

To read the full article, see the link below:


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