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Benji and Didi Go to The Chiropractor is available now! A fun, colorful adventure around a busy ‘zoo’ like practice that talks about all the reasons people (or animals) go to the chiropractor. At the end, you realise there is also a ‘Find the Spine’ game taking place throughout the entire book. We’ve hidden little spines on every page you can go back and search for. Some are pretty tough, so good luck! 

We know it will delight audiences– young and old! 

It is a square, softcover book, making it a great size for book displays or waiting room tables. They make a perfect referral reward, Christmas or Birthday gift, or a special book for any client at any practice– big or small!    

Signed copies as well as bulk pricing/ shipping are available- please send us a private message to ensure the best option for you. 

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Books can be purchased at the clinic in person to avoid the added shipping/handling expense. 

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