About Jay Smyth

Jay Smyth

As a second generation Chiropractor the art of Chiropractic has been apart of Jay’s life since day one. Growing up witnessing the power of the adjustment, he is very grateful for the opportunity to serve the public.

Jay Smyth attended university at Murdoch Chiropractic in Perth, and has also worked in WA. He has experience in diversified, SOT, Activator and Thompson technique. All of these methods are gentle and suitable for all ages.

Jay and Evolution Chiropractic is also a part Hands on India which provides free chiropractic care, first aid and medical supplies to the impoverished communities surrounding Siliguri in northeast India.

On a personal level, Jay is a mad Hawthorn Hawks supporter and a keen golfer. As a chiropractor, he is very passionate about helping patients understand the potential of their health.

Jay’s passion is adjusting you, so you can be at your best!